7 best Xbox games to play this summer


It’s hot outside. Maybe that’s not really true where you live – admittedly, there are entire continents geographically below the equator – but for many of our readers, that’s a real scorcher on the outside. Out of an abundance of caution for your physical well-being, and also because talking about video games is kind of our thing, we’ve put together a list of Xbox titles that we totally think you should play. On the inside. By drinking water. Because it’s summer.

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A few of these are available through Xbox Game Pass, but there’s still something to be said for outright ownership of the software. Others aren’t on Game Pass at all, meaning full-fledged purchases are the only way to relax. Whichever route you take, we hope you find these best Xbox games worth playing amid the wettest months of 2022.


Summer is, traditionally speaking, a popular enough time to let your competitive side run free. Look at baseball, for example. Most of the MLB League season takes place throughout the summer. Everyone is lining up amid seemingly endless heat waves to argue over which team is the best. Meanwhile, the baseball players, the ones who actually do something, are drenched in sweat.

That’s a pretty offbeat way of recommending Capcom Battle Collection, but the fact is that we understand. You might have a pent-up competitive spirit yourself, and maybe when you go to a baseball game you think, “I’d rather be on the field than just watching from afar.” But it’s really hot, remember? Another great way to settle big rivalries is to engage in no-holds-barred martial arts fights against your close, but – again – hot ones.

The solution is obvious. Take Capcom Fighting Collection. You’re still part of the action rather than just an observer, but you’re comfortable and cool. And you don’t break your brother’s leg and you in turn break your arm. Street Fighter is there, sure, but so are five Darkstalkers games, the rare Red Earth, and more. The rollback code guarantees that you will have as good a time bludgeoning the unseen surfers as your couch mates.

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Ring of Elden

Elden Ring Open-World Boss Fight with three tarnished attacks at once

Yes, we know. If there is a free bingo space on any 2022 video game listing, it invariably belongs to Ring of Elden. But there is a reason for this. FromSoftware has absolutely outdone themselves with this gargantuan open-world dark fantasy role-playing epic, and it’s not just a string of words; Elden Ring wins all of them and more.

Endless freedom, exhilarating combat, perilous challenges, unparalleled monster design, and enough twisted George RR Martin lore to fill a book (any book except The Winds of Winter, anyway) combine to forge the studio’s first complete paradigm shift since Dark Souls put it on the mainstream map a decade ago.

If the heat has you beating and you have a hundred or more hours of summer daylight to spend inside the house, grab the coat as Terni and get to work.

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Jurassic World Evolution 2

Pools are one of the respites mankind has created for itself from the scorching sun, but in the end, they’re just lakes with walls, aren’t they? It is food for thought. The kind of intellectual food that sparked the imagination of Michael Crichton with Jurassic Park, and according to the principles of Chaos Theory 101, this bestselling novel led to this – Jurassic World Evolution 2the solid sequel to a game in which you must take the reins as the shepherd of a dinosaur resurrection theme park.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is full of ways to flex your managerial muscle, as long as you don’t mind everything going wrong and the dozens of extinct monster species you’ve resurrected eating your guests (and each other). But honestly, jumping for “dinosaurs are dangerous!” the fruits don’t do this game justice; it shines brightest when all your park-building efforts are safely but precariously suspended, delighting thousands of visitors and avoiding worst-case scenarios.

Don’t go cooling off in one of the pools here. Linked to the photo.

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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

It’s kinda hard to believe right now, with Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga shining a revival of the Jedi Blue (or Sith Red) lightsaber on the series, but there was a time when Lego Star Wars games were treated as a tired concept in need of sleep and an overhaul. In this case, that is more or less exactly what happened. And it worked.

There’s so much content in this game, and not just for the publisher to sell the word “content” as if that’s inherently a good thing. Star Wars has always resonated with people the most when it embraced fun vibes and stuffed itself with charm. Developer Traveller’s Tales fully understands this.

By leveraging the goofy charm inherent in the idea of ​​reconstructing famous Star Wars moments with interlocking tile graphics, and going hard across the series’ nine main films, what we have here isn’t just a comedic riff, but the best achievement of the sum total of Star Wars in a long, long time.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Do you want to see the world, but it’s too hot outside to do so? Or, let’s be real, is it just too expensive? Microsoft Flight Simulator is here, offering a bird’s-eye view of the scenic Earth in all its beauty. Admire the grand scale of cities like Tokyo and Mexico City. Fly over the world’s largest forests and epic snow-capped mountains. Or just visit your hometown and see if you can squint and find what the game thinks your house looks like.

The arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox was a shock. Could a game like this translate well from PC to console without losing something valuable in the process? The answer, thank God, is yes. And if you happen to have a Series X, Flight Simulator looks truly stunning. (Don’t worry if you don’t. It still looks pretty solid elsewhere.)

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sea ​​of ​​thieves

sea ​​of ​​thieves isn’t exactly the newest game on our list, but its nature as a live service title means that new content arrives regularly. When it launched a few years ago, the game was criticized for failing to live up to expectations as a fantasy-flavored high seas piracy dream sim, but there was a shell to Sea of Thieves, a staple that promised it. much more if we were patient for a while and gave things time.

We now have six seasons in Sea of ​​Thieves content expansions, and 2022 is so much better. There’s nothing like taking a boat out into the deep unknown, stumbling upon a mythical treasure island, avoid potential challengers to loot, and bring it back to port in time for the rum.

Season seven, which arrives August 4, rather completes the idea we all had when Sea of ​​Thieves was first announced. Finally, players can become the official captains of their own ships, including the long-awaited ability to rename them. So, yes, Boaty McBoatface is about to terrorize the internet.

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The career

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: a horror movie starring a group of teenagers, not all of whom are particularly smart for their age. It may be a tired trope, but it’s been a winning combination for decades. The trick is to do it well, putting a spooky spotlight on their plight rather than aping the greats with mundane scripts and predictable ghosts.

The careerhas everything it needs, but it’s also a video game, which means it can be a unique horror movie because of its interactive experience. When this genre is introduced to gaming, and when it’s as scary as developer Supermassive Games has made it, the suspense becomes raw, visceral, and intensely personal.

Plus, it has David Arquette and Lance Henriksen, masters of dread. Even the teens are mostly voiced by an all-star cast, like Modern Family’s Ariel Winter, Detective Pikachu’s Justice Smith, and Star Trek: Picard’s Evan Evagora. The career may not help you prevent summer sweats, but hey, at least it will be a cold sweat.

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