2K pulls WWE games from digital stores again without warning


2K has once again quietly removed older WWE games from digital storefronts, causing a minor outcry – despite this being standard operating procedure for the 2K sports lineup.

Over the weekend, a user from the PC Gaming subreddit (opens in a new tab) (via PC Gamer (opens in a new tab)) noted that several older WWE games, including 2K17, 2K18, 2K19, and 2K20, were all recently removed from Steam. vapor tracker (opens in a new tab) shows that these four games were removed from sale on July 13.

These games have also disappeared from Xbox and PlayStation stores. If you search for them in your browser or on the consoles themselves, your results will be empty. The DLC has also been removed from the list, although at this time the WWE 2K20 Backstage Pass is still available on the PlayStation Store. Otherwise, your only digital options are WWE 2K22 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

2K announced a “server shutdown” on June 30, 2022 for games like 2K20 in a series of support articles (opens in a new tab), mentioning that “you will no longer be able to access any online game modes after this point, but if you already own the game, you will be able to continue playing the offline modes”. There was, however, no clear indication of the planned write-off.

Other 2K sports games were also removed from the list post-launch, but their support articles are much clearer on what needed to happen. For NBA 2K20, the publisher said (opens in a new tab) that “from January 1, 2022, this game will no longer be available for purchase”.

Either way, you can still download these games if you’ve purchased them before, though you might be disappointed with the lack of DLC purchase options if you’re reverting to an older title.

The write-offs may be less noticeable on consoles, where physical copies of these games are readily available, but with Steam versions removed from purchase, PC gamers no longer have any legal means of accessing sports ( or sports entertainment) that they are. looking for.

A WWE-branded wrestling RPG is in the worksif you need a break from all those 2K simulations.


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