10 Xbox Games That Aren’t As Good As You Remember


Building on the experience they had gained through their collaborations with companies such as Sega, Microsoft threw its hat into the game console market with the original Xbox. It’s been a long time since a Western-based company has managed to compete with its Japanese rivals; for example, companies like Atari and 3DO failed in previous generations.

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The Xbox brand has managed to make a compelling case for continuing classics like Psychonauts, Panzer Dragoon Saga Ortaand Halo. However, not all titles held up well either. While the following Xbox titles may have been well regarded upon their initial release, now it’s harder to “jump in.

ten Peter Molyneux’s Tall Tales Are Damaging Fable’s Reputation

Peter Molyneux has become infamous in the gaming industry for his tendency to overpromise and underdeliver with his titles. Although its lofty promises are largely unfulfilled, the original Fable the trilogy still found an audience and was well regarded upon its initial release. However, over the years, Fables the mechanics and ambition to present difficult ethical dilemmas were largely eclipsed by RPGs with more nuanced gameplay and morally complex storytelling; for example, the efforts of Bioware and Obsidian. All the choices basically boil down to:Save a kitten from a tree or burn it and laugh at its corpse.”

9 Brute Force was outdated on Xbox

Considered a potential successor to Bungie’s franchise, Brute force was not exactly Halo-The killer outlets expected it. Brute forceThe shooting was done from a third-person perspective and used a squad command system where players could order other soldiers or control them. While this focus on strategy was heavily promoted in the previews, there are only a few times when these skills are really needed. Additionally, the game’s single-player campaign lacked the enduring appeal of Master Chief’s skirmishes. Xbox certainly had no shortage when it came to shooters, and in such stiff competition, Brute force was just overwhelmed.

8 Grand Theft Auto III is showing its age

Of all the entries that take place in what Dan Houser calls “the 3D universe”, GTA 3 withstand the worst. The game was a technological feat whose contributions can’t be disputed, but that doesn’t make its clunky gunplay, frustrating missions, and lack of checkpoints any more palatable. Fans accustomed to the fully featured protagonists of later Rockstar titles might be put off by Claude’s silent player substitute approach. Additionally, the narrative is more derived from other crime films and shows than from later digital series. GTA entries such as IV and V.

7 Voodoo Vince needed more Juju

G4TV’s Adam Sessler speculated that Microsoft’s support for Psychonauts has been abandoned in favor of concentrating attention and resources on vince voodoo. While the game was a spectator and featured a great live jazz band soundtrack, it didn’t really provide a significant evolution of the platforming formula like Tim Schafer’s effort or other games on the market such as Ratchet & Clank. The idea of ​​using Vince’s voodoo powers to inflict damage on enemies seems like a unique idea, but it’s just a special move used when players get tired of the same spinning and kicking as they’ve seen in other games.

6 Fuzion Frenzy’s multiplayer antics have been overshadowed

One of the first multiplayer games for the system, Fuzion’s Frenzywas basically Xbox’s response to mario party. It was a collection of minigames that eschewed the board game structure found in Nintendo’s endeavors or a hubworld of crash shot. Although the game offers 45 mini-games, many of them are just variations of each other. The game didn’t do too well in terms of review, but there’s no denying that players looking to have some multiplayer fun better blast themselves. Halo or Timeplitters 2. There are certainly worse Xbox multiplayer titles such as Struckbut Fusion Frenzy not really worth an RSVP.

5 Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee is quite repetitive

Like many franchises before it, Oddworld the transition to the third dimension was quite difficult. For the first levels, Munch’s Odyssey the puzzle collecting and solving gameplay makes for a great time. However, this formula becomes very tedious as players in later stages are still tasked with picking up mudokins, throwing them at switches, carrying Munch through minefields, and listening to the same repetitive voice lines from enemy sligs. Camera and unnecessary filler hardly help. Still, Munch is an interesting character, and it would be nice to see him front and center in a title that really does him justice.

4 Castlevania Curse Of Darkness Aped Devil May Cry

In another attempt to bring the series to 3D, Castlevania Complaint of Innocence tried to copy Capcom’s hack and slash formula the devil may cry. While the reception was still somewhat mixed, Lament was considered an improvement over the much maligned N64 entries. The follow-up, curse of darkness, moved the timeline from the start of Dracula to shortly after the events of Trevor Belmont’s Adventure. Despite some improvements, it still couldn’t hold a whipped candle to competing titles such as devil may cry 3 and God of the war. Still, some characters and storylines have found their way into the hit Netflix series.

3 Sonic Heroes fails to save the day

sonic heroes represents both a step forward and a step back by Adventure floor tile. For one thing, it eventually avoided intrusive gameplay sections – such as shooting and treasure hunting – to focus more on platforming. For example, the levels were more in line with the whimsical and imaginative locations of the Genesis games, and the tone was lighter. However, lingering issues such as the uncooperative camera and terrible voice acting were either left unaddressed or exacerbated. The focus on combat and bottomless pits mixed with an outdated lives system makes this particular outing hard to come back to.

2 Blinx The Time Sweeper sucks in more ways than one

Created and designed by former Sonic Team members such as Naoto Oshima, Artoon’s Blinx the Time Sweeper was pushed by Microsoft to be the mascot for the Xbox platform, much like Crash Bandicoot and the aforementioned hedgehog. Unfortunately, infuriating design choices make this cat a bad omen. It is only through a specific combination of crystals that players can harness time manipulation powers to clear levels in the game, and it proves much more difficult in practice. Blinx can’t take more than one hit either, turning an already needlessly esoteric system into a frustrating exercise in trial and error.

1 Shenmue 2 failed to warrant a lawsuit

the original Shen Mue It might have been a landmark title, but it wasn’t enough to save Sega’s brand new Dreamcast. Its sequel was a console swan song in Japanese and European territories, and an Xbox exclusive in North America. While it made some clever changes, such as the ability to fast forward the game clock or ask a passerby for directions, its visuals and gameplay fell short compared to sandbox titles. competitors such as Grand Theft Auto series. In contrast, Sega Yakuza the games are superior in every way and serve as the ultimate realization of Yu Suzuki’s ambitions.

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