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Since Microsoft decided to launch its Xbox consoles in Japan, they have struggled. In order to help influence the players there, they made deals for some great exclusives that they should have liked. This included giant RPGs on the Xbox 360 like Blue dragon and Tales of Vesperia.

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Despite their efforts, they have not yet succeeded in Japan. Apart from games, they also tried to woo this crowd with console variants. Microsoft may not have made as many as Nintendo and Sony consoles, but the ones that do exist are something special.

Panzer Dragoon Orta Xbox

The Xbox Panzer Dragoon Orta console

This Xbox console output simultaneously with Panzer Dragoon Orta on December 19, 2002 in Japan. It was a large release although only a thousand Xbox consoles were ever made. Players had to pre-order the pack from the official Japanese Sega website. Along with the white-etched console and controller, the pack also included the game, soundtrack, and a game-themed necklace.

Kasumi Blue Dead Or Alive Xbox

The Xbox Kasumi Blue Dead Or Alive console

This light blue Xbox wasn’t just a celebration of the Dead or alive franchise, but a specific character in the game, Kasumi. The console was blue to match her normal outfit.

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It was released on March 25, 2004 in Japan and came with the game, DVD remote control, Digital Venus DVD, and a one-year Xbox Live subscription. There were also packages that apparently came with a body pillow with Kasumi on it, although tracking him down online has now proven difficult.

Xbox white

The white Xbox console

This Xbox is white like the Panzer Dragoon Orta edition, but there are no marks on it. Presumably, the White Console was so successful there that Microsoft decided to try and sell a simple version. It came with a DVD remote, headphones, and a year of Xbox Live. Another white console was made, but it was distributed in North America exclusively to EA employees and even had EA printed on the front case.

Xbox skeleton

Xbox Clear Green console

This light green Xbox is also known as the Skeleton version. It had a wide release in Japan, however, it is still quite a rare and sought after console as Bill Gates had a special hand in its creation. This is because each Xbox comes with a special keychain signed by it and printed with the console numbers. Presumably, the console that was number one on the print line might be the rarest version of them all.

Sonic Free Riders Xbox 360

Sonic Free Riders Xbox 360 console

This Xbox 360 was released alongside Sonic Free Riders in Japan in 2010. There were only about 50 or 100 of these consoles manufactured. It features purple and blue colors as well as official artwork from the game featuring Sonic. He came with the game and probably also with a Kinect since that is what the game was designed for. It wasn’t sold anywhere and instead was sent to the employees who helped create the game.

BlazBlue Xbox 360

The BlazBlue Xbox 360 console

This Xbox 360 was designed around a competition in Japan. Only about ten of them were made and there is another mystery. We don’t know what BlazBlue entrance was the party. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger was the first game in the series. However, since both Ragna and Hazama are on Xbox, it could have been for the next game, BlazBlue: change of continuum, because that’s when Hazama became playable.

Dragon Age 2 Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 console from Dragon Age 2

This Xbox 360 features artwork remade from the cover of Dragon age ii. The only thing missing is Hawke from the cover. Only two of these consoles were made and they were ordered for a Red Cross charity campaign. Gamers in Japan could bid on the consoles and win not only these, but also a matching controller, keyboard and possibly the game as well, although the latter detail is unclear.

Bayonetta Xbox 360

The Bayonetta Xbox 360 console

This Xbox 360 Special Edition was designed to celebrate the release of Bayonetta. It was actually a prize from the competition given at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show. This one is themed in blue, but there was also a western cousin that looked a bit like him.

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This Xbox 360 was a red version that received an award at San Diego Comic Con which was also in 2009. There was also a similar PS3 version, but it was only available in Japan.

Devil May Cry 5 Xbox One S

The Xbox One S console from Devil May Cry 5

This Xbox One S had a wide release in Japan when it launched The devil can cry 5. Purple might not exactly be the themed color palette in the game, but it works well for darker undertones as well. It came with the game with a corresponding controller.

What sets it apart from the rest here is that the series’ brand doesn’t appear anywhere on the console itself, which can be a bit of a letdown for die-hard fans looking for something even more special.

Red Bull Kumite Xbox One

The Xbox One Red Bull Kumite console

Red Bull Kumite is a street fighter tournament obviously organized by Red Bull. The year this Xbox One was ordered was in its first year, 2015, and was awarded the finalist. Only one of these consoles was then manufactured. Every year on street fighter the game has changed but in 2015 it was Ultra Street Fighter IV.

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