10 Things Fans Should Know About WWE Raw Xbox Games


In 2000, the WWE decided to create a series of games based on SmackDown and release them for the PlayStation console brand. The series quickly received critical acclaim and titles such as Here comes the pain! are still considered today as some of the best wrestling games ever released.

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Two years after WWE released the first SmackDown title, they decided to create a series of Raw games for the competing Xbox console. However, unlike the PlayStation series, these games were not praised. Instead, WWE Raw titles are considered the black sheep of WWE games and are rarely discussed today. For this reason, many fans don’t know much about them.


ten It was WWE’s first match

In 2002, WWE was in the middle of a lawsuit with the World Wildlife Fund. As a result, they were forced to change their brand to WWE, and that change happened seamlessly on TV and across many products. However, it wasn’t easy for their new Raw game.

The lawsuit was decided just as the title was released, leading to some covers featuring WWF and some WWE. For this reason, it is both the latest World Wrestling Federation video game and the first World Wrestling Entertainment title.

9 there was no blood

In 2002, WWE was dealing with parental concerns that the sport was unsafe and that kids could model what they see on TV at home. Although the company doesn’t want to clean up its own product on TV, it decided to clean up the game.

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For this reason, WWE Raw contains no blood of any kind. The game originally had blood effects that would see wrestlers bleed from certain parts of their body that were attacked, but it was removed. WWE Raw 2released in 2003 had blood.

8 The first match missed many wrestlers

When THQ decided to remove blood from WWE Raw, it looks like they had to remove some talent as well. In the first installment of the game, they missed huge wrestlers who were part of the company at the time.

Game 1 missed names like Randy Orton, Batista, Ric Flair, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, and more. Their absences were made even stranger given that many of the aforementioned names were in SmackDown: Here comes the pain! which was released shortly after WWE Raw. Luckily, the sequel had a much more updated roster, including some names cut from other titles.

The sequel has improved a lot when it comes to the roster. The aforementioned names that were not included in WWE Raw 1 is part of the sequel. The roster has been updated and featured 62 playable characters in WWE Raw 2.

Interestingly enough, the game has been improved using models from SmackDown: Here comes the pain! Many models in WWE Raw 2were actually unused models from the Playstation game, which were recycled for the Xbox title.

6 WWE Raw was panned by critics

In case it wasn’t clear, WWE Raw wasn’t a very good game. even was very mediocre. For this reason, it was rejected by critics.

In fact, the game is considered one of the worst WWE games of all time. While some titles age well over time, the first Raw title is not one of them.

5 WWE Raw 2 has been much improved

Just after WWE Raw was released in February 2002, it looks like the THQ team got to work. They tried to revise the gameplay, improve the roster, add new modes, etc., all within a year and a half.

They kind of succeeded in their goal and the second game actually got solid reviews. WWE Raw 2 was considered one of the best sports games of 2003 and received a 9/10 rating from outlets such as IGN.

4 Season fashion

To improve after WWE Raw was panned by critics, they had to come up with a new mode for the sequel. What the THQ team decided on was a season mode, where fans can choose a wrestler and play for 12 months on Raw or SmackDown.

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The game was praised and had great detail. In this mode, players could form alliances with other wrestlers backstage, create their own rivalries by calling out other contestants, hire managers, and more. to achieve their goal of becoming champions.

3 Lots of customization

WWE Raw 2 was far ahead of its time in several respects. While the first title had very little to no customization, the second game had a lot of features. Some, which wouldn’t be used for another decade in other titles.

The second game featured Create A Wrestler and Create An Entrance. In the latter, players were even able to create an entrance video and import music used for the entrance, which would not be used in other WWE games until 2011.

2 The theme music was different

One of the weirdest parts of the WWE Raw games was how everything felt so disconnected from the current product. This couldn’t have been seen more than in the sequel, with the entrance themes of various wrestlers.

In WWE Raw 2, themes for top wrestlers like Matt Hardy, Eddie Guerrero, Goldust, etc., were all either different or different entirely. Although it is unknown why the songs were different, it is assumed to be for copyright reasons.

1 Titles may change by DQ

WWE Raw games were unique for many reasons. However, the second game decided to do something unique that hasn’t been done in another title before or since, and it allows titles to change by disqualification.

In real life, WWE matches do not see the championships change if the match ends in a disqualification. However, in WWE Raw 2it doesn’t, and players will lose their titles if they get into too much trouble.


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