10 Best Xbox Games of the 2000s


During the Xbox One era, the main criticism of Xbox was that it lacked games to play. A lot has changed since then, but it’s really Microsoft getting back to where it was in the 2000s. For the original Xbox and Xbox 360, Microsoft had a massive list of games available to all of its gamers.

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Many of these games weren’t just good, they were groundbreaking. Titles like Halo popularized an entire genre for consoles, while franchises like armament of war changed the way games were made. It’s no wonder they caught up with PlayStation in the days of Sony’s PlayStation 3.

ten Halo 2 changed the game for first-person shooters

The early days of Xbox struggled to compete with the PlayStation 2. But there was always one franchise that could draw people to their console: Bungie’s. Halo. the original Halo was loved by fans and critics alike, but Halo 2 took everything in this game and made it better.

New weapons, new modes like online multiplayer, and additional story elements they couldn’t fit Combat evolved all have found their way here. The result was Halo 2 became the most successful game for the original Xbox in terms of sales and made the first-person shooter genre bigger than it had been since Nintendo 64 golden eye.

9 Ninja Gaiden revives an NES-era legend

Gaiden ninja had been off the chart for years when Team Ninja released a new installment for the Xbox in 2004. The series had been a big deal during the NES days when gamers could beat games in a single sitting, but the franchise has never had the power to stay at so much during the PlayStation 1/N64 generation.

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But Tecmo spent five years developing Gaiden ninjawhere Ryu Hayabusa is sent on a mission to avenge his fallen clan.Despite its harrowing difficulty, fans and critics loved the title. Nothing else on the market had both such attention to detail with such a fluid combat system, so it quickly became one of the main reasons to buy an Xbox.

8 Fallout 3 revived an old franchise and made it better

It seems ridiculous to say now, but at the time, Bethesda was taking a risk when they released Fallout 3. The franchise hadn’t had a new game since Fallout 2 in 1998, which was a completely different world to release from. games. Bethesda overhauled the graphics and combat, turning it into a 3D action RPG instead of the turn-based isometric series it had also been.

But if they’ve lost any of the fans of the Interplay era, they’ve made up for it in spades thanks to the game being an evolution of the open-ended, choice-driven gameplay that made their last two old scrolls games such a massive hit.

When the franchise first came to consoles, Bethesda Game Studios created an instant classic with Elder Scrolls III. The game took players to the island of Vvardenfell, where a demigod must be dealt with before it’s too late. When it was released, there was nothing quite like it on console – it was set in a massive open world, and the game emphasized choice-based gameplay.

by Morrowind A heavy focus on choices resulted in less focus on the main storyline, but a world that players could presumably get lost in. Still, Morrowind had plenty of quests for people, even without the main storyline. Even after the story ends, MorrowwindThe world continues to expand, which means players could keep playing past the credits.

6 Halo 3 is the most beloved Halo title

Given how much the beloved loved Halo 2 was, it shouldn’t have been possible to improve the series a second time. But Halo 3 is the franchise’s favorite, which is fitting considering this was the last time Bungie was developing the series. Halo 3 pick up exactly where Halo 2 left, where Master Chief fights against the Covenant and its leader, the High Prophet of Truth.

Apart from the epic story, Halo 3 made several other additions for multiplayer fans. The game adds a map-making tool, new forms of gear, and special vehicles to make multiplayer more addictive than ever. At the end, Halo 3 became the best-selling game the year it was released and sold over 14 million copies in five years.

5 Jade Empire is the game everyone wants to get a remake

After Knights of the Old Republic, everyone was waiting for the next game from BioWare. It’s lucky they didn’t disappoint when they came out jade empire. Taking on the role of a spiritual monk, jade empire challenged players to defeat the evil Emperor Sun Hai.

A little like KOTOR, jade empire had its own morality system, and the player’s choices in conversations would change the game’s story and available techniques. Although the game didn’t last as long as people would have liked, it was still considered one of the best RPGs on Xbox. Now if only BioWare could get a team together to create a sequel or a remake.

4 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic introduced fans to the ultimate Jedi RPG

Knights of the Old Republic was the dream game for star wars fans when it launched. KOTOR was a game where the player could create and customize their protagonist, and the decisions they made would lead them to the path of the Light or the Dark Side. These decisions also affected the type of powers the player could unlock, as they got closer to being a Jedi or a Sith.

Along the way, players would visit several planets within the Galactic Republic, gathering a group of allies to aid them in their quest to defeat Darth Malak and stop his Sith army. This game was a hit when it launched, and fans’ endless demands for a remake have earned them just that, with Aspyr Media working on a KOTOR remake for PlayStation and PC.

3 Fable Let players choose their path

Although the developers still promised more than could be delivered at the time, Fable is the closest creator Peter Molyneux has ever delivered. In Fable, the hero of Oakvale was taken in by a hero when he was young and trained in a hero guild. Although the hero’s quest is an integral part of the game, that’s not why people bought the title.

Fables the popularity came from the game’s combat and the game’s side quests, as well as the game’s sharp sense of humor which made it unlike any other game on the market. The only downside to this game is none of the Fable games that came later might live up to that title. Hopefully the next Playground Games reboot will hit the right track.

2 Gears Of War 2 builds on an already perfect game

With the success of Halo, Xbox might have seemed a little too focused on first-person shooters. But when Epic Games released the armament of war series, it showed that Xbox was the home of everything shooters, not just first person. In the same way, Halo 2 revolutionized the way gamers thought about the FPS genre, the armament of war The franchise revolutionized the design of third-person shooters, introducing the concept of cover where players could hide behind to safely attack enemies.

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The first game was a huge success, which allowed Cliff Bleszinski to expand it with the sequel. In Gears 2, Xbox legend Marcus Fenix ​​takes his fellow Delta Squad members deep into the heart of the Locust homeworld to stop them for good. But while the story is memorable, what has stuck with fans is the game’s Horde mode, a cooperative mode where players fight off increasingly strong waves of grasshoppers.

1 Mass Effect introduced fans to the RPG of the future

There was nothing on the market like Mass Effect when the series first launched on Xbox 360 in 2007. BioWare outdid itself, creating a sci-fi world that drew people in through its storytelling and settings. Going forward, games would start to build on what BioWare accomplished here, though few would live up to it.

As Commander Shepard, the player begins by dealing with a “normal” recovery mission before being drawn into a job where they must help save all organic life in the galaxy. If the fight left something to be desired in the original version of Mass Effectnowadays this is less of a problem thanks to the Legendary Edition remaster by doing the battle line with later installments.


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